Catholic News Headlines July 29, 2011

Jul. 28, 7pm—Jul. 29, 7pm

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Share this article on Facebook ‘Octomom’ speaks out; says she was drugged when she made implant decisions – Nadya Suleman, most notoriously known around the world as “Octomom” – who gave birth to eight …

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Share this article on Facebook New president of Peru says he will make nation’s poor his priority – Freshly elected Peruvian President Ollanta Humala says he aims to confront the high poverty plaguing his nation, …

Creative Minority Report

Share this article on Facebook First Pray, then Sue – We all know about all the lawsuits filed by atheists and the ACLU against pretty much any public display of religion. It’s frustrating and silly but you know what…it

Share this article on Facebook Which Freaks Me Out More? – This dead alien was supposedly found in the frozen wastes of Siberia by two guys walking along last week. (Who walks around Siberia?) That’s bad. This is worse. A Casey


Share this article on Facebook Apostolic Nuncio To Us Dead At 73 – Archbishop Pietro Sambi, whom Pope Benedict XVI appointed Apostolic Nuncio to the United States in 2005, has died following complications from lung surgery. He was 73.

Share this article on Facebook Caritas Leader Analyzes Drought In Horn Of Africa – Michel Roy, the recently elected secretary general of Caritas Internationalis–the confederation of Catholic relief and development agencies–spoke with Vatican Radio on

Share this article on Facebook New “IGPII” Application For World Youth Day – VATICAN CITY, 28 JUL 2011 (VIS) – At 12.30 p.m. tomorrow in the Holy See Press Office a press conference will be held to present the new “iGPII” application for World

Share this article on Facebook Papal, Holy See Highlights For 2011: January – March – VATICAN CITY, 28 JUL 2011 (VIS) – Following are highlights of the activities of Pope Benedict XVI and of the Holy See for the months of January to March 2011. Another

Faith and Family Live!

Share this article on Facebook Green Birth Control – Rachel Balducci: an emphasis on Natural | Organic-this and chemical-free-that is all the rage these days and it’s nice to know that when it comes to child-spacing,


Share this article on Facebook Help Finding Joel Peters? – If anyone has contact info for Joel S. Peters, teacher and author of articles dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses, could they email me at I’m

Share this article on Facebook Scientists Use Adult Stem Cells to Grow New Teeth – Unfortunately, its adult *mouse* stem cells, used to grow *mouse* teeth. Still, if the technique can be ported to humans then we may not need dentures in the future. GET

Share this article on Facebook VIDEO: Who prepared the new translation of the Mass? – Publish

Kresta In The Afternoon

Share this article on Facebook – Huffington Post : The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are urging the GOP-led House to reject a cuts-only approach to the budget as Washington tries to avert an

Share this article on Facebook Archbishop Sambi, US nuncio since early 2006, dies at age 73 – BALTIMORE ( Catholic News Service ) — Italian Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican nuncio to the United States, died late July 27 at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in

Share this article on Facebook North Carolina lower house overrides abortion bill veto – ( Reuters ) – The North Carolina House of Representatives narrowly overrode a veto on Tuesday of a bill requiring women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion and

Share this article on Facebook Vietnam Rebuts US Criticism Over Jailing of Priest – Voice of America News : Vietnam is rejecting U.S. charges that dissident priest Nguyen Van Ly was returned to prison for expressing his opinions. Foreign ministry

Share this article on Facebook Catholics for Ron Paul Effort Supports His Pro-Life Stance – Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign announced today a new effort oriented towards gaining the support of catholic Republicans in his bid for the GOP nomination

Share this article on Facebook Man Can Keep Up Billboard Condemning Girlfriend’s Abortion – A state judge in New Mexico has ruled that a man can keep up, for now, the billboard he paid for that condemns his girlfriend’s apparent abortion — an advertisement that

Share this article on Facebook Perry Challenged to Back Federal Amdt Stopping Abortions – This week, Texas governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry took a states’ rights position on abortion saying states should have the ability to

Share this article on Facebook Planned Parenthood Webcam Abortion Safety Study Not Credible – Planned Parenthood recently released information to the media that researchers said Planned Parenthood’s webcam abortions were safe. The research is not credible as it

Share this article on Facebook Polls Show Obama’s Popular Support at Historic Low Levels – New polling data from multiple sources shows pro-abortion President Barack Obama hitting his lowest levels of support at any time point in his presidency. Gallup tracks

Share this article on Facebook Treating Advanced Breast Cancer With Adult Stem Cells – Stanford doctors have shown that women with advanced breast cancer show greater survival when treated with aggressive chemotherapy and their own adult stem cells. Their

Share this article on Facebook ‘Summer of Mercy 2.0’ directed at late-term abortionist Carhart – by Mark Stricherz and Steve Jalsevac GERMANTOWN, Maryland, July 27, 2011 ( – In July and August of 1991, tens of thousands of pro-life demonstrators

New Liturgical Movement

Share this article on Facebook On the Liturgical Movement and on a New Liturgical Movement – Wednesday, our blogger friend and colleague Fr. Ray Blake asked the question, “whether the Liturgical Movement has done more harm than good?” (And I would emphasize, as

Share this article on Facebook Restored and Renovated St. Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, Opened – Monday of this last week (July 25), the historic St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, marked the completion of its renovation with the blessing of the

The Anchoress

Share this article on Facebook Death by Cuteness! – Wee Cormac Susanak, son of the ever-pensive but usually-cheerful Joseph Susanka . The kid routinely lays me flat with his cuteness , but this time I actually screamed

The Splendor of the Church

Share this article on Facebook QUESTION ON BIOETHICS – IS PROPORTIONALISM REASONABLE? – Is Proportionalism Reasonable? Problem Lies in Idea of Maximizing Good WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 27, 2011 ( ).- Here is a question on bioethics asked by a ZENIT


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