Catholic News Headlines February 5, 2011

Feb. 4, 7pm—Feb. 5, 7pm

Catholic News Agency

Share this article on Facebook As Egypt protests continue, Cairo patriarch concerned about rise of a ‘religious state’ – Rome, Italy, Feb 5, 2011 / 11:50 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The head of Egypt’s tiny Catholic minority is urging a return to order in the country after 11 days of

Share this article on Facebook Catholic bishops place bets on Steelers-Packers Super Bowl – Denver, Colo., Feb 5, 2011 / 07:36 am ( CNA ).- Ahead of the Super Bowl, Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay and Bishop David A. Zubik of Pittsburgh have made a friendly

Share this article on Facebook Diocese of Wilmington agrees to $77.4 million sex abuse settlement – Wilmington, Del., Feb 5, 2011 / 06:33 pm ( CNA ).- The Diocese of Wilmington has reached an agreement to pay sexual abuse survivors more than $77.4 million to settle

Share this article on Facebook Pope’s secretary puts papal organ donation discussion to rest – Vatican City, Feb 5, 2011 / 03:32 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- Though he promotes organ donation, the Pope’s own organs were officially rendered unavailable for further use

Catholic Online > Home & Family

Share this article on Facebook 5th Sunday: Light and Leaven, Salt and Seed in a World Waiting to be Born – The late Pope John XXII wrote, “Every believer, in this, our world, must be a spark of …

Catholic Online > Politics

Share this article on Facebook Movement to expose and defund Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood has come under fire as a result of five recent videos showing Planned Parenthood …

CBCP News – Diocesan News

Share this article on Facebook Laguna to pray Oratio Imperata daily until RH Bill is rejected – SAN PABLO City, Feb. 5, 2011—The church leader in San Pablo diocese has urged his more than 2.6 million Catholic constituents to pray the Oratio Imperata for the

Creative Minority Report

Share this article on Facebook Red State vs. the CDC on Abortion Stats – So far it seems Red State has secured a victory. But we’ll see. It looks like the CDC was trying to bury abortion statistics. Check out the story from Red State. They

Faith and Family Live!

Share this article on Facebook Bishops Bet on Ball – Arwen Mosher: Super Bowl fun! | On Rachel’s topics of football and food, here’s a fun story I read today: The bishops of the dioceses of Pittsburgh and Green Bay have

Share this article on Facebook Casual Fridays – Business Travel – Lisa Hendey: Do you hit the road for work? | Hallie’s post today reminded me how much I LOVE the travel portion of the work I am doing these days.  I don’t have those

Share this article on Facebook Love and Laundry – Danielle Bean: Coffee Talk: Homemaking | (Join each day’s Coffee Talk discussion: Mon: Parenting; Tues: Open Forum; Wed: NFP; Thu: Marriage; Fri: Education; Sat/Sun:

Share this article on Facebook Very survival of Canada as a free and democratic country imperiled – by Rory Leishman Book review of The Trouble with Canada….Still: A Citizen Speaks Out by William Gairdner. William Gairdner is Canada’s foremost political philosopher. In

New Liturgical Movement

Share this article on Facebook Creating an Icon of a Modern Saint – Creating an icon of someone whose face is very familiar in another form, such as a photograph or a naturalisitic portrait, creates difficulties for an icon painter (just

Steve Ray

Share this article on Facebook Stuck in Airport – Great fun today! Got up at 2:00 AM to leave for the Bombay Airport. Our Royal Jordanian flight was scheduled to leave at 5:50 AM for Amman Jordan, then after a layover

Share this article on Facebook Update on Airport Fiasco with Malfunctioning Plane – We stated earlier we would be positive and have fun with this seeming nightmare. Wed rejoice and trust God, seeing what he’d do next. Well some of the passengers have

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Share this article on Facebook Dissident Irish priests try to create discord and resentment against the new translation – I direct your attention to the Holy Father’s Letter to Catholics in Ireland.  Last year Pope Benedict suggested to the Irish people that they give special attention to

Share this article on Facebook QUAERITUR: After what point of lateness can I no longer receive Communion, fulfill obligation? – From a reader: I remember my father telling me when I was young that if one arrived after the Gospel at Sunday Mass, one could not receive Communion and the Sunday

Share this article on Facebook WDTPRS – 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time – On the march! – There is some whining out there (mostly among liberals and aging-hippies) about the new translation we will start using by Advent 2011… whether the whiners like it or


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