Catholic News Headlines August 1, 2010

Jul. 31, 7pm—Aug. 1, 7pm

Catholic News Agency

Share this article on Facebook Illinois baseball team hosts pre-game Catholic Mass – Geneva, Ill., Aug 1, 2010 / 06:21 pm ( CNA ).- Thanks to discussions between a priest and a minor league baseball team official, the Kane County Cougars of the Class A

Share this article on Facebook Lawyer realized he could help people in a spiritual role – Atlanta, Ga., Aug 1, 2010 / 01:12 pm ( CNA ).- Not that long ago Father Carlos Vargas was on track to becoming a successful lawyer. While working on a case of a man

Share this article on Facebook Roman and Byzantine Catholics to celebrate feast of the Transfiguration – CNA STAFF, Aug 1, 2010 / 05:11 am ( CNA ).- Both Roman and Eastern rite Catholics will soon celebrate the Church’s feast of the Transfiguration on its traditional date

Share this article on Facebook The saint’s ‘wise heart’ rejects dependence on transient things, Pope teaches – Vatican City, Aug 1, 2010 / 10:23 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The person who trusts in the Lord and does not give in to a fear of adversity or death shares “a wise heart”

Share this article on Facebook Theology of the Body Institute presents awards during first annual congress – Philadelphia, Pa., Aug 1, 2010 / 07:55 am ( CNA ).- During its first annual congress in Pennsylvania, the Theology of the Body Institute presented five awards to

Share this article on Facebook Vatican preparing new document on effects of abortion on women – Vatican City, Jul 31, 2010 / 11:33 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The new president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, announced that his

Catholic Online > Arts & Entertainment

Share this article on Facebook ‘Vampire’ author Anne Rice renounces Christianity – Anne Rice, the author of the highly popular “Interview with the Vampire” and the Lestat book …

Catholic Online > Home & Family

Share this article on Facebook The Happy Priest: Recognizing the Stepping Stones to Eternity – One day each of us will stand before God for judgment.  We will stand before God without a lawyer, …

Catholic Online > International News

Share this article on Facebook Majority of Pakistanis view U.S. as an enemy – A recent opinion poll has found that six in 10 Pakistanis view the U.S. as an enemy. In addition, they oppose the …

Catholic Online > U.S. News

Share this article on Facebook Professor Ken Howell is the Man of the Hour: Diocese Responds to Rehiring – The unjust firing of Professor Howell was a warning to all who hold that truth exists in an age which has followed …

Creative Minority Report

Share this article on Facebook CMR Distances Itself from Jen Merkel – CMR friend Jen Merkel has the audacity to disagree with her betters in the government. Surely her insolence will be repaid by a visit from the authorities. If Jen gets

Share this article on Facebook Finally! Batman and Wonder Woman Marry – I know that common interests are supposed to help a marriage but in this case…maybe it went a little far. The Daily Mail reports: Most couples would hope to feel like

Share this article on Facebook Two Takes on Times Afghan Cover – Funny, now that Obama can’t seem to get out of Afghanistan the media start making the case for staying. Where was this cover four years ago? Three years ago? Two years

Share this article on Facebook Congressman Files New Pro-Life Bill to Cut All Federal Funding for Abortions – Washington, DC ( — Congressman Chris Smith officially filed is new legislation today that would compile all of the annual provisions that prevent federal

Share this article on Facebook Kansas Senate Candidate Todd Tiahrt Gets Pro-Life Group’s Endorsement – Topeka, KS ( — When Kansas voters head to the polls next week to cast their ballots for a Republican candidates to replace pro-life Senator Sam Brownback,

Share this article on Facebook Latin American Summit ECLAC in Brazil Promotes Abortion for Gender Equality – New York, NY ( — A recent gathering of Latin America�s top economic commission issued a document praising secularism.

Share this article on Facebook Obama Admin Bows to Pressure, Appears to Limit Abortion Funding in Health Care – Washington, DC ( — The Obama administration appears to have bowed to pressure from pro-life groups that discovered it had authorized abortion funding in

Share this article on Facebook Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Called “Dangerous” as Fourth Republican Backs Her – Washington, DC ( — Supreme Court nominee and pro-abortion activist Elena Kagan picked up more support on Wednesday from a pro-abortion Republican senator

Share this article on Facebook United Nations Cmte Attacks Motherhood, Demands Abortion Rights for Women – New York, NY ( — United Nations (UN) treaty committee notorious for its promotion of abortion and ideological positions not supported by UN treaties

New Liturgical Movement

Share this article on Facebook Chant Heads West – Announcing the CMAA Fall Practicum: Gregorian Chant at the Houston Cathedral . October 21-23,2010 This three day event is sponsored by the CMAA Houston Chapter, the

Share this article on Facebook The 5th Anniversary of the NLM – A quick note to mention that today, August 1st, 2010, we mark the 5th anniversary of the founding of the New Liturgical Movement. (And here was the very first post on

Steve Ray

Share this article on Facebook Updated Family Picture – Updated picture of Janet and I with our eight grandkids taken this afternoon before we leave for England. From left: Giana Catherine, Sebastian Thomas, Dominic Joseph,

The Splendor of the Church

Share this article on Facebook BRO. ISAHEL ‘DON’ ALFONSO, CFD-Davao DEBUNKED CLAIMS THAT CONSTANTINE IS THE FOUNDER OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – The Lord and Builder of the Church Isahel said… Naming Emperor Constantine as the founder of the Catholic Church is an evidence of poor scholarship and gross ignorance

Share this article on Facebook DEBUNKING THE CLAIM THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS FOUNDED IN THE EARLY YEARS OF 300AD – The Conversion of Constantine. He saw the vision of the Holy Cross with inscription: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES [By this Sign Thou Shalt Conquer]. The Commander ordered that

Share this article on Facebook NEW ROUND OF EXCHANGES WITH BORN-AGAIN BAPTISTS Part 4 – Ananias Restoring the Sight of St. Paul through the Sacrament of Baptism Bryan Bustamante said… Answer first my questions above. Is Catholicism biblical? Proof

Share this article on Facebook REMEMBERING THE MOTHER OF PHILIPPINE DEMOCRACY! – Mrs. Cory Aquino sworn in as President of the Republic of the Philippines after the First People Power Revolution that deposed the tyrant Ferdinand Marcos. Today our

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Share this article on Facebook Sunday Supper 5 – What happened! – I said that for this Sunday’s supper I would make a broccoli dish from Apicius’ 2nd century and indeed I did.   I would do it differently next time (since the recipe was

Share this article on Facebook WDTPRS: Collect 10th Sunday after Pentecost – love, given and received – Today’s Collect survived, sort of survived, to live in the post-Conciliar, reformed Missale Romanum on the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  I’ll show you the variation,


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