Catholic News Headlines April 24, 2010

Apr. 23, 7pm—Apr. 24, 7pm

Catholic News Agency

Share this article on Facebook Argentina’s bishops defend marriage against moves to recognize homosexual unions – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Apr 24, 2010 / 11:30 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The bishops of Argentina issued a statement during their 99th plenary assembly this week which

Share this article on Facebook Canadian leader axes controversial sex-ed curriculum in response to backlash – Ottawa, Canada, Apr 23, 2010 / 10:58 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- In a dramatic turn of events Thursday, a Canadian premier abruptly axed a controversial proposed sex-ed

Share this article on Facebook Laws protecting unborn in Mexico are not religiously motivated, state pro-life leaders – Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 23, 2010 / 10:10 pm ( CNA ).- Pro-life leaders in Mexico City explained during a press conference this week that the constitutional changes

Share this article on Facebook Legion issues clarification on vicar general’s call for pontifical commissioner – Madrid, Spain, Apr 23, 2010 / 07:35 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- On Thursday, while speaking to members of Regnum Christi, Legionary priests and staff of the University

Share this article on Facebook New Orleans media campaign urges parents to stay informed – New Orleans, La., Apr 24, 2010 / 01:12 pm ( CNA ).- The stories of teens and young students being harassed on the Internet continue to dominate the news. In fact, the

Share this article on Facebook Publisher of National Catholic Register apologizes for defending Maciel – North Haven, Conn., Apr 24, 2010 / 06:53 pm ( CNA ).- Fr. Owen Kearns, L.C., the publisher of the National Catholic Register, has published an apology for defending the

Share this article on Facebook Robert Peters: SEC pornography scandal shows harms of obscene material – New York City, N.Y., Apr 24, 2010 / 07:02 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The exposure of workplace pornography use at the Securities and Exchange Commission while the 2008

CBCP News – Diocesan News

Share this article on Facebook Prelate asks political rivals to halt violence, illegal means on May polls – OZAMIZ CITY, April 24, 2010—Ozamiz Archbishop Jesus A. Dosado, CM has urged political allies of two rival candidates in Misamis Occidental to refrain from using violence

Share this article on Facebook Special Report: Bishop-elect narrates events leading to his appointment – CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, April 24, 2010 – Fr. Jose Araneta Cabantan’s ordination to the Episcopacy is finally set on April 30, 2010, the day when he will celebrate his 20th

Creative Minority Report

Share this article on Facebook Short Video on Edward Schulte Churches in Cincinnati – Last week I had the good fortune to go to Cincinnati to give a talk on architect Edward Schulte , who lived from 1890 to 1975. He started out as a traditional church

Share this article on Facebook We Will Remember! – This is a really well done video. Almost makes you wish to be a Republican. Almost. We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo .

Faith and Family Live!

Share this article on Facebook Babies Don’t Ride Bikes – Arwen Mosher: my little girl grows up | At the park the other day, we saw a little girl from our parish who is the same age as Camilla. As the kids played together and

Share this article on Facebook Blogging the Good News – Eddie O’Neill: Priests and Bishops Answer the Pope’s Call | “Who better than a priest, as a man of God, can develop and put into practice, by his competence in current

Share this article on Facebook Catholic Fiction with Ellen Gable – Lisa Hendey: Enjoy some great storytelling by a talented author | Our guest on this week’s podcast (click here to listen or click on the player above) manages to share

Share this article on Facebook Cleaning House, Making Home – Danielle Bean: Coffee Talk: Homemaking | (Join each day’s Coffee Talk discussion: Mon: Parenting; Tues: Open Forum; Wed: NFP; Thu: Marriage; Fri: Education; Sat/Sun:

Kresta In The Afternoon

Share this article on Facebook Did you notice? Timothy McVeigh & Tea Partiers both begin with T? – All fallacious arguments are a form of intellectual transgression related to “Overgeneralization” or “The argument of the beard.” You may be unfamiliar with the second

Share this article on Facebook Center for Reproductive Rights Continues Pushing Abortion on Pro-Life Nations – New York, NY ( — A top abortion-rights law firm recently released its conclusion that the last decade of international legal trends indicate that

Share this article on Facebook Democrats Lose Advantage to GOP in Poll After Pro-Abortion Health Care Vote – Washington, DC ( — A new Gallup poll is making the rounds today showing Democrats have squandered their advantage in partisan support thanks to the

Share this article on Facebook Louisiana House Approves Bill to Opt Out of Some Health Care Abortion Funding – Baton Rouge, LA ( — Louisiana is the latest state to move ahead with a bill that would allow it to opt out of some of the abortion funding on the national

Share this article on Facebook National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week Starts Next Week for Youth to Oppose Abortion – Washington, DC ( — Thousands of young people across the country will take to the streets and the schools with a message for their peers: oppose abortion.

Share this article on Facebook Pro-Life Groups Condemn Obama Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Pick – Washington, DC ( — Leading pro-life organizations are awaiting the upcoming Supreme Court battle and fully expect President Barack Obama to name a

Share this article on Facebook United Nations Commission on Population, Development Sees Abortion Lobbying – New York, NY ( — Observers were left scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong in the final few hours of the United Nations (UN)

Share this article on Facebook Editorial: Canadian Top Court Bilingual Requirement Could Stack the Ideological Deck – Editorial by John-Henry WestenApril 23, 2010 ( – Without much public notice or debate, legislation to require Canadian Supreme Court Justices to be fully

Share this article on Facebook News Briefs on Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse IV – Compiled by Steve JalsevacPope replaces George Bush as the Man Some People Love to Hate – David Quinn, the Independent Those circles include aggressive secularists,

Share this article on Facebook NewsBytes – Earth Day/Climate Change, Islam, Miscellaneous, Homosexuality – * Disclaimer: The linked items below or the websites at which they are located do not necessarily represent the views of They are presented only for

New Liturgical Movement

Share this article on Facebook Breakthrough on the Grail and Other Issues – There has been some breakthroughs on an issue that has troubled for me ever since the U.S. Bishops approved the Revised Grail Psalter as the standard Psalm translation

Share this article on Facebook Pontifical Mass of Msgr. Burke in Essen – Today, Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, celebrated Pontifical Mass in the usus antiquior in the Cathedral of Essen, Germany. The occasion

Share this article on Facebook Solemn Pontifical Mass from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC – As many of our readers will already be familiar, EWTN is providing live coverage of the Solemn Pontifical Mass being celebrated by Bishop Edward Slattery in the Basilica

Steve Ray

Share this article on Facebook Abuse isn’t just a Catholic problem – Yes, the Church needs purging of paedophiles, and has brought in tough guidelines to throw them out, but what of abusers in schools and families? Click here for the

The Anchoress

Share this article on Facebook The Permanent Scandal of the Vatican – First Things editor Joseph Bottum has a long must-read of a piece showing over at the Weekly Standard. The day the Antichrist is ripped from his papal throne, true

Share this article on Facebook Vatican funding Adult Stem Cell Research – Did you know that 35 craters of the moon have been named for Jesuit scientist-priests ? If you are surprised to learn that, it might be because you have trusted the

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Share this article on Facebook D.C. Blognic underway! – We are at The Dubliner. BIGGEST EVER.

Share this article on Facebook Have some good news? – How about posting some of your good news?

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