Catholic News Headlines Jan. 3, 2010

Jan. 2, 7pm—Jan. 3, 7pm

Creative Minority Report

Share this article on Facebook Priest Pelted With Pasta – One Christian took the relativistic ramblings of his minister to heart. Hey, the good news is that the minister knows he’s being listened to. The bad news

Faith and Family Live!

Share this article on Facebook Saints of Christmas: Magi – Rebecca Teti: The Tenth Day of Christmas | Because Epiphany is a movable feast in the United States, it falls on the 10th day this year. Epiphany means “to show,” and


Share this article on Facebook Padre Pio & Three Days of Darkness – A reader writes: Somebody asked me in regard of this article: is it true or false, is it authentic or just regular pious writings to threaten people?

Share this article on Facebook Baxter v. Montana: Assisted-Suicide Lobby Group does not get What it Wanted – By Alex Schadenberg (Executive director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition)January 2, 2009 ( – On Dec. 31, the Supreme Court of Montana issued a split

New Liturgical Movement

Share this article on Facebook Colloquium XX – My friend Aristotle Esguerra had fun making this promotional poster for the Sacred Music Colloquium XX, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 21-27, 2010.

Share this article on Facebook In Memoriam – Fr. Franck Quoex – Today is the third anniversary of the death of Fr. Franck Quoëx, a priest of the Diocese of Vaduz in Lichtenstein, and one of the foremost liturgists of our times. I had

Share this article on Facebook Monastic Sights and Sounds – Some scenes and views from some of our beloved monasteries of recent. San Bendetto, Norcia Do remember to listen to Vespers from Norcia. Clear Creek Finally, a video

Share this article on Facebook Music and the Historical Imperative – Today at my parish, we celebrated Epiphany and the visit of the Magi to infant Jesus, and the story was told once again in the readings and propers and also the sermon.

Share this article on Facebook St. Genevieve, Patroness of Paris – I was brought to mind that today, Parisians celebrate the feast of St. Genevieve, patroness of that city. In past years, we have shared with you some photographs of a

Patrick Madrid

Share this article on Facebook A look back at 70 years of LIFE – The history of LIFE Magazine is a long and varied one, with a few stops and starts along the way. Most of us, though, will remember the periodical’s long, main phase as

Share this article on Facebook Let St. Philip Neri Help You Start the New Year Off Right – If you’re looking to deepen your love for God, our Lady and the saints, and your neighbor, this series of admonitions and counsels from the great St. Philip Neri ,

Share this article on Facebook Strange Buildings of the World. Surprisingly, No Modern Catholic Cathedrals Made the List – Most of these edifices are pretty weird. Some are aggressively, stupidly weird. A couple (# 6, for example) are actually rather appealing. And some are reminiscent of a

The Anchoress

Share this article on Facebook Lord, Don’t Trust Lizzie! – When writing about nuns on sleds , I happened to mention that my randomly-pulled patron saint for 2010 is St. Philip Neri , of whom I am not well-informed, beyond the

Share this article on Facebook Your light is strong… – Father of light, unchanging God, today you reveal to men of faith the resplendent fact of the Word made flesh. Your light is strong, your love is near; draw us beyond

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Share this article on Facebook A paragraph of hope from Pope Benedict’s Angelus message – Today in his Angelus address, Pope Benedict said the following, which I excerpted from his message (in my translation): On this Sunday –  the second since Christmas and

Share this article on Facebook Mayonnaise and dark energy, Bless the Lord! Praise and exalt Him above all forever. – Fluctus et Casimiri Effectus, benedicite Domino!  Laudate eum et superexaltate eum in saecula! Consider a startlingly unique element of the Judeo-Christian message:

Share this article on Facebook WDTPRS – Epiphany – COLLECT (2002MR) – Epiphany is from the Greek word for a divine “manifestation” or “revelation”. The Church’s liturgy for the feast, especially in its antiphons for Vespers, reflect the


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