Catholic News Headlines Dec. 17, 2009

Dec. 16, 7pm—Dec. 17, 7pm

American Life League (Encouraging Words)

The Power of Prayer – “There is nothing which has as much power or more power than prayer.  A king clad in a purple robe is not so splendid as the man who, because he is praying,

American Life League (Judie Brown)

THE POLITICS OF MAYHEM, MISCHIEF AND MURDER – The internet is abuzz with statements decrying the United States Senate for its action in defeating the so called pro life Nelson Hatch Amendment to the health care

American Papist: Not Your Average Catholic!

Action: Thank Ben Nelson for his pro-life stand! – Earlier today I blogged on the “Casey compromise” that Ben Nelson was said to be reviewing. As I noted at the time, numerous pro-life individuals and organizations have

Breaking: Pro-life groups say Casey compromise “unacceptable” – First, a quick recap: last Tuesday the Senate, led by Senator Harry Reid,  voted down Senator Ben Nelson’s pro-life amendment. After Nelson threatened

Papist Picture of the Day – 12/17/09 – Action Thank Ben Nelson for his pro life stand Politics Pelosi on pro abortion language in Senate bill says Thank God Today The O Antiphons Begin Video John Lennon s

Pelosi on pro-abortion language in Senate bill: “Thank God” – From the woman who now claims she has switched to ” campaign mode “, some injudicious language (oh that’s right, she doesn’t care): [Pelosi said] the Senate bill

Read between the Lies: Catholics United tries to spin the truth – Deal Hudson is good at picking the right fights, and in this case, he’s found an opponent who appears to enjoy shooting himself in the foot, while digging himself a

Today: The O Antiphons Begin – I love the tradition of the O Antiphons. It’s also easy for me to remember them each year because they start on my half birthday. Fr. William Saunders explains what they

Video: John Lennon’s opinion about overpopulation – Never thought I’d find myself agreeing strongly with John and Yoko: Catch the editorial comment by the show’s host? Some things never change. I especially like Lennon’s

Catholic News Agency

Activists target California mayor for comments on sinfulness of homosexual acts – San Francisco, Calif., Dec 17, 2009 / 01:42 am ( CNA ).- A California mayor’s comments saying that homosexuals are committing sin that will keep them out of heaven have

Argentinean bishops urge peace and reconciliation – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec 17, 2009 / 07:01 pm ( CNA ).- This week the spokesman for the Argentinean Bishops’ Conference, Father Jorge Oesterheld, noted that the

Benedict XVI officially accepts Irish bishop’s resignation – Vatican City, Dec 17, 2009 / 10:46 am ( CNA ).- Pope Benedict XVI has officially accepted the resignation of Bishop of Limerick Donal Murray.  Murray stepped down

Education and healthcare are useless without right to life, says abortion survivor – Nashville, Tenn., Dec 17, 2009 / 08:12 am ( CNA ).- Melissa Ohden, the survivor a failed saline abortion at six months, admitted to CNA in an interview that she “was

iPhone interactive guide for Vatican Museums released – Rome, Italy, Dec 17, 2009 / 03:52 am ( CNA ).- An Italian travel guide company has produced an interactive guide for the Vatican Museums for the iPhone and the iPod

Nuncio demands quick intervention following anti-Christian attacks in Iraq – Rome, Italy, Dec 17, 2009 / 01:09 pm ( CNA ).- Archbishop Francis Chullikat, the Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq and Jordan, has demanded the immediate intervention by Iraqi

Pope reflects on importance of religion for peace in the world – Vatican City Dec 17 2009 03 37 pm CNA On Thursday in the Vatican the Holy Father met with and received the Letters of Credence from eight new ambassadors to the Holy See

Pro-life Catholic pulls even with Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida’s Senate primary race – Tallahassee, Fla., Dec 17, 2009 / 06:40 am ( CNA ).- A pro-life Catholic is now even in the polls with incumbent Gov. Charlie Crist in the Florida Republican primary

Pro-life group goes Christmas caroling at abortion clinics – Chicago Ill Dec 17 2009 03 09 pm CNA This Saturday the Pro Life Action League will hold its seventh annual Empty Manger Christmas Caroling Day visiting four abortion

Rogue archbishop dismissed by Pope Benedict from clerical state – Vatican City, Dec 17, 2009 / 11:29 am ( CNA ).- The Holy See announced on Thursday that the former Archbishop of Lusaka, Emmanuel Milingo, has been dismissed from the

Senate passed Nelson Amendment language in two December bills, Catholic bishops note – Washington D.C., Dec 16, 2009 / 08:45 pm ( CNA ).- The U.S. Catholic bishops have again urged senators to place language restricting abortion funding into the health

Senator Nelson rejects Casey’s proposed abortion compromise – Washington D C Dec 17 2009 04 22 pm CNA As Senate Democrats attempt to reach a compromise with Senator Ben Nelson D Neb on the health care bill Sen Bob Casey D Penn has

Society’s future depends on youth devoted to intellectual charity, Pope tells students – Vatican City, Dec 17, 2009 / 07:31 pm ( CNA ).- Thursday evening Pope Benedict XVI opened the doors of St. Peter’s to the university students of Rome for solemn vespers.

Unity, formation and gospel message essential, Pope tells Belarusian prelates – Vatican City Dec 17 2009 05 56 pm CNA In an audience with the bishops of Belarus today the Pope reminded the bishops of the importance of bearing witness to the lasting

Young people around the world send Christmas greetings to Pope Benedict XVI – Vatican City, Dec 17, 2009 / 02:57 pm ( CNA ).- The president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, explained this week

Catholic Online > International News

6.1 Million Pilgrims Visit Guadalupe Shrine – The figure breaks the historic attendance record set in 2008 when just over 6 million pilgrims visited the shrine.

‘Grave Misgivings’ about Modern Environmentalism – In the name of a supposedly egalitarian vision of the ‘dignity’ of all living creatures, such …

Motu Proprio: Variations to the Latin Rite Code of Canon Law – The document contains five articles modifying canons 1008, 1009, 1086, 1117 and 1124.

Orthodox and Catholic: Rome – Moscow Relations Begin New Era – An old winter chill in Rome-Moscow relations seems to be thawing, with profound consequences for Europe and the …

Pope Does Not Belong to Church of Al Gore – The Holy Father’s letter included a warning against sacrificing the sanctity of man and applying an …

The Popes Entire Letter on Human Ecology – The full text of the Ltter of Pope Benedict XVI entitled ‘If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect …

What did the Pope say About the Environment? He called for a Human Ecology. – ‘A correct understanding of the relationship between man and the environment will not end by absolutizing …

Catholic Online > U.S. News

DC Council Passes Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Despite Citizens’ Opposition – The Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law, defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Massachusetts School Suspends Eight Year Old for Drawing Jesus on the Cross – An 8-year-old boy was sent home from Maxham Elementary School and required to undergo a psychological evaluation …

Milwaukee Archbishop: Catholics Cannot Support Abortion and Contraception – By ‘professing and disseminating views in grave contradiction to Catholic teaching, members of …

Catholic Spiritual Direction

The source of our joy…and a prayer request – More than 200 hundred of you responded to our holiday poll regarding joy and sorrow. What is troubling me this morning is that 13 of our readers are feeling only sorrow.

Creative Minority Report

“Bernadette” Actress Jennifer Jones Dies At 90 – The actress Jennifer Jones, who will be forever remembered for her role as St. Bernadette in the classic “Song of Bernadette” has passed away at the age of 90. I know

Casey Compromise “Unacceptable” – Interesting news from the Congressional Quartlerly via NRO . Sen. Bob Casey, the pretend pro-life Senator from Pennsylvania, is working on a compromise to bring Sen. Ben

Interview With An Anglican Convert – As I have followed the developments in the Anglican situation over the past few years, I have become aware of a number of Anglican websites that amaze me. I am amazed in

Obama Leaves Kim Jong Il a Voicemail – A little Obama humor at the expense of Tiger Woods.

The Immorality of Intelligent Design – I found this discussion between Daniel Dennett, co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, and a University

Faith and Family Live!

Great Job, Mom! – Danielle Bean: Small Successes vol. 47 | It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of

Inspiring Giveaway: Mother Teresa and Me – Danielle Bean: Win Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s newest book! | Great news! Circle Press is offering Faith & Family readers another exciting giveaway … This time

Together Forever – Danielle Bean: Coffee Talk: Marriage | (Join each day’s Coffee Talk discussion: Mon: Parenting; Tues: Open Forum; Wed: NFP; Thu: Marriage; Fri: Education; Sat/Sun:

Watching and Waiting – Sherry Antonetti: Make the most of the rest of Advent … starting today | We have only a week to wait for Christmas. What are we doing to carve out that quiet place in

Fr. Frank Pavone’s Blog

Christmas: God in Human Language – Christmas is God in human language It is not simply about the birth of a child but rather the coming of the one who will preach the Sermon on the Mount instruct us by

Kresta In The Afternoon

Today on Kresta – December 17, 2009 – Talking about the “things that matter most” on Dec. 17 4:00 – and MSNBC: “The teachings of homosexual ‘healer’ Richard Cohen inspired Uganda’s hateful new

Ben Nelson Reviewing Compromise on Abortion Funding in Senate Health Care Bill – Washington, DC ( — Ben Nelson is beginning to be considered the 60th vote Senate Democrats need to stop a filibuster against the pro-abortion,

Cop Cited for Intimidating Pro-Life Advocate at Chicago-Area Planned Parenthood – Aurora IL LifeNews com A Chicago police officer was cited in a report for intimidating a pro life advocate helping counsel women outside a Planned Parenthood abortion

Head of Christian Doctors Group Quits AMA Over Pro-Abortion Advocacy – Washington, DC ( — The doctor who is the chairman of a national organization for Christian physicians and medical workers has resigned from the American

I’m Against Abortion, But: A Pro-Life Response to the Frequent Pro-Abortion Claim – I think the statement that bugs me most when talking to people about abortion is, “I’m against abortion, but…” I can actually respect someone’s total pro-abortion

Joe Lieberman Alright With Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortions in Health Care – Washington, DC ( — Joe Lieberman, one of the critical votes in determining the outcome of the pro-abortion government run health care bill, came around

Obama Admin Forces Americans to Pay for More Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Washington, DC ( — The Obama administration on Monday forced Americans to pay for another round of embryonic stem cell research involving the destruction

Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Out Against Abortion, Euthanasia, Genetic Testing – The Vatican ( — In a Wednesday address, Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against abortion, euthanasia, and casual genetic testing that could lead to abortion

Pro-Life Group’s Ad: Bob Casey, You’re Not Your Dad on Pro-Abortion Health Care – Washington, DC ( — As one of just two Democrats in the Senate to claim pro-life credentials, Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey could have an enormous impact on

Pro-Life Groups Sponsor Another Webcast on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill – Washington, DC ( — Any pro-life advocates who missed last night’s webcast sponsored by a slate of pro-life organizations will have another opportunity to

Pro-Life Groups: Casey’s Abortion-Health Care Compromise for Nelson No Good – Washington, DC ( — Pro-life organizations say the so-called “compromise” that Sen. Bob Casey presented late Wednesday to Sen. Ben Nelson to get him to vote

Senator Confirms Manager’s Amendment Used to Persuade Nelson on Abortion – Washington, DC ( — The vote on the Senate pro-abortion health care bill is coming down to the wire and it is appearing likely that pro-life Nebraska

Christian Groups Can Hire Only Christians if Main Purpose is to Spread Faith: OHRC Lawyers – By Thaddeus M BaklinskiTORONTO December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com Lawyers for the Ontario Human Rights Commission OHRC presenting their case before a three judge panel

Christian Medical Association CEO Quits AMA over Health Care Support, Embryo Research – BRISTOL TN December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com Dr David Stevens CEO of the 17 000 member Christian Medical Association the nation s largest faith based association of

Commentary on Dec 12 News – Challenge has been met by six readers, Pope and environment, … – Hello LifeSiteNews ReadersFirst the good news. The $1,000 challenge by reader Chris from Pennsylvania was a wonderful success. We have to express tremendous gratitude to

Editorial: Pope Speaks on Church’s “Grave Misgivings” about Modern Environmentalism – Editorial by John-Henry WestenROME, December 16, 2009 ( – In comments which received absolutely no mainstream media coverage, Pope Benedict XVI, in his

Efforts to Boost Birth Rate Failing in China – By Hilary WhiteDecember 16, 2009 ( – The city of Shanghai’s efforts to reverse more than 30 years of anti-child government propaganda, and boost the

Indian Religious Leaders Call for Repeal of Ruling Decriminalizing Homosexual Acts – By Patrick B CraineNEW DELHI India December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com A delegation of Indian religious leaders led by the Catholic Archbishop of New Delhi Vincent M

Interview: Pro-Life Counselor Says She was Threatened with Gun by Off-Duty Officer – By Kathleen GilbertAURORA, Illinois, December 17, 2009 ( – A sidewalk counselor with the Pro-Life Action League has filed a report against an off-duty

Limerick Bishop Resigns after Sex Abuse Revelations: Pope Benedict “Deeply Disturbed” … – By Hilary WhiteROME December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com The Pope has accepted the resignation of the Catholic bishop of Limerick in the wake of damning revelations of

Minority Leader Fumes: No One Has Been Allowed to See Health Care Bill – By Kathleen GilbertWASHINGTON D C December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com As even more new language continues to pile up in Sen Harry Reid s massive manager s amendment to the

New Study Rips Into Quebec Relativism Course – By Patrick B. CraineQUEBEC CITY, Quebec, December 16, 2009 ( – The Sovereigntist Parti Quebecois, the opposition party for the province, is calling for

NY Gov. Orders State Agencies to Recognize “Transgender” Civil Rights – By Peter J SmithALBANY New York December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com Gov David Paterson signed an executive order Wednesday that prohibits state agencies from refusing to

Obama Signs Omnibus Bill Funding D.C. Abortions, Overseas Providers – By Peter J SmithWASHINGTON D C December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com The District of Columbia now has a green light to allocate some of its federally funded budget to

Ontario Christian Ministry in Court Today Challenging Human Rights Ruling – By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiTORONTO, December 16, 2009 ( – The ruling of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (OHRT) against a Christian ministry serving

Operation Rescue Names Slain Pro-Life Activist James Pouillon 2009 ‘Person of the Year’ – WICHITA, Kans., Dec. 16, 2009 ( Operation Rescue announced today that slain pro-life activist James Pouillon is the posthumous recipient of its 2009

Pope: “The Only ‘Equitable’ Laws are Those that Defend the Sacredness of Human Life” – By John Henry WestenVATICAN CITY December 16 2009 LifeSiteNews com Speaking yesterday Pope Benedict XVI called attention to the writings of John of Salisbury the Bishop

Radical Dems Condemn Compromise Measures, Fight to Rescue Original Health Care Language – By Kathleen GilbertWASHINGTON, D.C., December 17, 2009 ( – Liberal politicians and lobby groups have begun to warn Democrat Senate leadership to ensure

Recommended Novel “Fatherless” Personalizes Great Moral and Spiritual Struggles of … – Book commentary by Steve JalsevacDec. 16, 2009 ( – Today I conducted the most awesome interview I’ve experienced since LifeSiteNews

U.K. Supreme Court Overturns 3,500-Year-Old Jewish Tradition as “Discriminatory” – By Patrick B CraineLONDON England December 17 2009 LifeSiteNews com The U K Supreme Court overturned a 3 500 year old Jewish tradition yesterday ruling that the Jewish

Updated: NRLC, US Bishops Deem New Casey Abortion Compromise ‘Unacceptable’ – By Kathleen GilbertUpdate 4 15pm EST Sen Ben Nelson has told a Nebraska radio station that he does not consider the Casey amendment strong enough to earn his support As

Living His Life Abundantly

Catholic Businessman Makes Searchable Senate Health Reform Bill Available On-Line – By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist A former business professor from the Franciscan University of Steubenville has decided to help legislators and the general

Head of Coptic Church Investigating Marian Apparitions – By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Shenouda III, is expected to conduct an immediate investigation into alleged

Miami Newspaper Publishes Tips for Adulterers – By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist Anyone wondering how much the media contributes to the moral collapse of this nation need only read the Dec. 13 issue of the

White House Muscling Pro-Life Senators – By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist Top officials at the White House are pressuring pro-life Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) with threats to close a military base in his

National Catholic Register Blog

Another Adult Stem-Cell Advance – By The Editors | Heart Disease Can Be Treated With Patients’ Own Cells A recent study from Northwestern University in Chicago has shown that transplanting adult stem

Australia Set to Get its First Saint – By Tim Drake | Media reports have said that Australia could get its first Saint this week, with the Sydney Morning Herald reporting that the announcement regarding

Cardinal: Senate Already Embraced Nelson Amendment – By The Editors | Cardinal Daniel DiNardo has an interesting take on the controversy over language restricting federal funding of abortion in health-care reform

Christmas in a Lean Year – By JOHN BURGER | It’s been a rough year, economically and in other ways. People have lost homes and jobs, and economic uncertainty is eating away at a lot of Americans

Jimmy Stewart and Psalm 91 – By JOSEPH PRONECHEN | When it comes to a Christmastime movie, a perennial favorite of most everyone is It’s a Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart made no secret it was his

New Liturgical Movement

Better than a Christmas Carol – Highly recommended for Christmas Mass, and not too difficult.

Communion Chant: Anticipation of Christmas – You could sing just any old song at Communion this Sunday or you could sing what the Church is asking musicians to sing: the actual communion proper from the music books

Film Footage of the Consistory of 1946 – My friend Alipius , an Augustinian Canon of Klosterneuburg , has found this spectacular footage from the 1946 public consistory for the creation of new cardinals (among

FSSP Given Charge of Quebec Church of Saint-Zephirin de Stadacona – Those of you with an interest in Catholic Quebec will no doubt be interested to hear of the following development which came to the NLM recently. Namely, this week an

NLM Comments Upgrade – As some of you have no doubt noticed, the NLM comments window looks different. This is due to the fact that we finally received our notice that could upgrade — and

Pontifical Midnight Mass (Premonstratensian Rite) from Tongerlo Abbey, Belgium, 1955 – NLM Guest Article by Frater Anselm Gribbin, O.Praem., Tongerlo Abbey The use of television by the Church to spread the Catholic Faith was still in its infancy in the

The Roman Rite Christmas Proclamation – I’m pleased to present you with the Christmas Proclamation (Kalenda) as it will be sung at the Vatican and can be sung universally in the Roman Rite. It is in Latin and

OSV Daily Take

Who wears the pants? – By Mary DeTurris Poust Dockers known the world over for its casual Friday khakis has found itself at the center of controversy and outrage thanks to its new Man ifesto

Patrick Madrid

Devil Candy – Perhaps you’ve heard of “Engrish”, the term for the often hilariously ludicrous malapropisms committed by Japanese when translating into English? Here’s something I ran

This is true on so many levels

Steve Ray

Green Pope? – Italian journalist reminds reader: Pope is not Al Gore Although the message of Pope Benedict XVI for

Nut-case Bishop Finally Defrocked – Archbishop Milingo stripped of priestly status Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo—the renegade African prelate who has launched a worldwide crusade for married priests, under

The Anchoress

Dec 17 – O Sapientia – Finally, we come to the last week of Advent and the gorgeous O Antiphons which precede the Magnificat at Vespers. I like the description here . O Wisdom, O holy Word of

The Splendor of the Church

ANO ANG TUNAY NA IGLESIA: CATHOLIC CHURCH O CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL – The Catholic Church’s main House of Worship in the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcre I’ve been informed that the lapdogs of Eli Soriano, The

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Benedict XVI may approve John Paul II as “Venerable” on 19 Dec – From Rome Reports Benedict XVI to declare John Paul II venerable at the Vatican December 17, 2009. The late Pope John Paul II is one step closer at getting a spot on the

Card. Hummes: Without prayer, priests die of starvation. – From CNA : Cardinal Hummes calls priests to strengthen ministry through prayer Vatican City, Dec 16, 2009 / 06:57 pm (CNA).- The prefect of the Congregation for the

Ineffabiliter sapiens, sapienter infans – Yesterday I wrote my column for the Christmas issue of The Wanderer .  Inter alia I delved into what St. Augustine said about the eternal Word becoming an infans ,

O antiphons site – revived – Years ago I created a small site about O Antiphons.  One of our frequent readers here asked me to repost it. Here you go! Click HERE . It is a little primitive by

Save The Liturgy…. Say the Black…. WDTPRS…. stuff – I have had a few people send e-mails asking to repost the addresses to my shops for coffee mugs, etc., in different countries. Glad to oblige! I have been punishing

Speaker Pelosi “thanks God” for tax-payer funded abortion language – About the new Senate Bill, from Lifesite: [Pelosi said] the Senate bill “doesn’t have a public option, doesn’t expand Medicare for the (age) 55 to 64 group, and has

The Feeder Feed – I have only a single male Cardinal coming around to the feeder.  There is a female lurking somewhere also, but I haven’t seen her for a while. They are very

They finally got around to it: Milingo dismissed from the clerical state – In the “It’s About Time” folder, comes this news from VIS about the dismissal of Emmanuel Milingo from the clerical state: For a number of years the

ZENIT RSS-Newsfeed

Christmas Has Mexican Look in Paul VI Hall [2009-12-17]

God Is Relevant; The Art of Desecration [2009-12-17] – Rome Conference Discusses the Importance of Faith Religion

Pope Accepts Irish Prelate’s Resignation [2009-12-17] – Bishop Murray of Limerick Steps Down Amid Scandal

Pope Praises Theology-Art Link [2009-12-17] – Lauds Work of 90 Year Old Czech Cardinal

The Church’s Charity Crusader (Part 2) [2009-12-17] – Interview With Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes

Vatican Statement on Emmanuel Milingo [2009-12-17] – Holy See Has Imposed Penalty of Dismissal From the Clerical State


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